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The benefits of this particular filling system design are courtesy of John Henry, Certified Packaging Professional (CPP), owner of consultancy, author of multiple packaging-related books including “Packaging Machinery Handbook” andKC Boxbottom blogger for Packaging Digest:

1. Flexibility: “Change the head and you have a whole new filler,” Henry says. The company touts the system’s speedy changeover, describing it as “instant,” and referring to either product or package format changeovers.

2. Cost: “Rather than a custom-built filler,” Henry says, “you have a standard robot that costs around $50,000.” FG Industries offers a variety of mix-and-match modules: bottle handling, bottle positioning, conveyor systems, filling nozzles, filling engines, filling parts materials, product delivery systems and ejectors.

3. Delivery time: “Robots are essentially off the shelf,” Henry adds. The modular design of the entire system also contributes to fast machinery delivery, helping you get your project up and running on time.

4. Size: “The system is fairly compact,” Henry notices. One such filling system, the X8 S8 series, measures approximately 9.5 feet wide x 6.875 feet deep and 6.875 high.

FG Industries also makes plug-and-play robotic induction cap sealers and cappers to create a complete packaging system (RoboSys) for a variety of liquids, including foods (sauces), beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, household and industrial chemicals, and more.

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